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Removing Evolution

As most Linux users know, Evolution is an e-mail client for the Gnome desktop.  Me personally, I don’t care for it.  I have always been more of a fan of Mozilla Thunderbird. The only thing I do like about Evolution is that it is compatible with Ubuntu One. Hopefully Thunderbird will one day be included in the software.  For the past two years that I have been running Linux, I have been wondering how to remove Evolution without breaking my install.  The only way I knew before was to do a minimal install and don’t install it, or just leave it and don’t use it.  See, Evolution is part of the gnome-desktop as a dependency.  So basically, you can’t remove it without removing gnome-desktop with it.  But, I found a way to remove it.  I would recommend being very careful with the commands that I will show you.

Just playing around, I figured I would try using aptitude instead of apt-get.  And, it turns out Evolution can be removed by just typing

$ sudo aptitude remove evolution

It will give you a solution of removing all the files associated with evolution.
Just agree to it, and install your email client of choice (I prefer Thunderbird). Just remember to be very careful when trying to do anything with sudo. Be sure to always read the prompt and if you do not know what you are doing, don’t do it! I am not saying I know what I am always doing, I am always learning new things everyday, just use sudo with caution. I will not be responsible for any adverse reactions to mishandling the commands.  This was done successfully on my Toughbook CF-29 and HP desktop.


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